Kursai vedami anglų kalba.

Mokymų organizatorius: VšĮ “Žinių kodas”
Mokymai vyks adresu: Kęstučio g. 4, 4 aukštas, “Lietuvos žinios” įėjimas, Vilnius.
Daugiau informacijos: telefonu +370 677 83374, el. paštu

Kursai organizuojami vykdant Erasmus+ projektą ,,a Tale of Two Futures” (projekto Nr. 2016-1-UK01-KA204-024544). Daugiau apie projektą:

Kaina: Free
Planuojama pradžia: 14-05-2018
Trukmė: 16 ac. h.
Laikas: 16:00-19:00
Miestas: Vilnius
Lektorius (-iai): Pamela Candea, Euri Vidal
Paskaitų skaičius: 3
Vienos paskaitos trukmė: 4 ac. h.
Intensyvumas: 3 days in week
Pažymėjimas: certificate will be issued

The Carbon Conversations project started in 2006. There are still some successful groups being run in the UK and the materials and methods are being adapted around the world.  We hope that the common experience of everyone who has participated in the project will continue to inform their work on climate change and that the methods and materials will prove a departure point for more interesting projects.

Training programme has 3 sessions:

Session 1 – forming a group and ethos/philosophy of Carbon Capture and Storage.

Session 2 – facilitation skills and session planning.

Session 3 – more planning and reflection skills, questions.

Course Language: English.
Place. The course will be run at Vilnius Kęstučio street 4, 4th floor, entrance “Lietuvos žinios”.

2 groups of 8 people to become facilitators:

” First group is on 14, 16, 18  May from 16 till 19 p.m.

” Second group is on 15, 17, 18 May from 16 till 19 p.m.

The mentors of training are Pamela Candea (Managing Director) and Euri Vidal (Erasmus+ Project Coordinator) of Surefoot Effect organization (United Kingdom).

Please complete your registration by filling the form by link:

More information by phone: +37061581607, email: contact person: Laura – Project Coordinator in Lithuania

More about “Surefoot Effect”.The “Surefoot Effect” equips people with lifelong skills for sustainability. The Surefoot Effect provides (i) space to think; (ii) time to explore motives and feelings regarding more sustainable lifestyles, and (iii) leadership that inspires action. It is this process that allows people to create their own paths towards positive, long-lasting change. They encourage people to explore their emotions, motivations and behaviour and to make positive changes around energy and resource use. In turn, people are able to create and share their own path forward. The main programme of action is the ‘Carbon Conversations’ programme’, consisting of practical meetings on the areas of home energy, travel, food, and consumptions and waste that help individuals halve their carbon footprint as a measure of their environmental impact.

Training course is funded by Erasmus + project “A Tale of Two Futures”.